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A highly driven team dedicated to the manufacturing and R&D of the highest quality minor cannabinoids.

Minor cannabinoids present a real opportunity for companies to:

  • Enhance the positive effects of products – research & development are accelerating all the time, with new and exciting findings on a regular basis.
  • Stand out from competitors – grab hold of some real brand identity by marking yourself out as pioneers in the world of cannabinoids.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and encourage loyalty – when they know your brand, values, and approach, their loyalty matches their enthusiasm.
  • Create a competitive edge by leading the pack. Don’t wait around for other companies to take the lead with minor cannabinoids. The opportunity is there right now!


Cannabinoids are now well established within the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and wellness industries.
The broad and increasing range of applications for cannabinoids requires careful research and development…
…and that’s where we come in.
Sanobiotec is committed to cannabinoid research that makes a difference. Our portfolio includes both mainstream and rare cannabinoids, including the sought after CBN, CBC and CBDV.

Meet Our Team


Cannabinoids, though growing in their usage, are still full of untapped potential and possibilities.
This excites everyone at Sanobiotec, as we are absolutely fascinated with cannabinoids in all their forms.
At long last, minor cannabinoids in particular are gaining well deserved attention and the research of these compounds is accelerating all the time.
With new research comes new applications, and we are developing partnerships with leading scientific organisations to hone in on this group of products and expand our R&D capabilities.

Our R&D projects


Quality is everything.

We produce cannabinoids with quality as the core value, with quality control measures ranging from in-house testing to third party accredited lab testing.
This commitment stretches all the way through the production process and adheres to European Pharmacopeia and ISO standards.
It’s about more than simply adhering to regulations though; we do this because we care about the quality of our products.
We guarantee transparency and traceability throughout our production process and we ensure the highest quality in minor cannabinoid production and control as well.
All of this helps us provide top quality minor cannabinoids for top quality products, every single time.
Quality is our core value, built into our processes from the very beginning all the way through to the end.

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