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A highly driven team dedicated to the manufacturing and R&D of the highest quality minor cannabinoids.


Our internal values are highly related to what we strive to deliver to our clients. Hence, we think, it is most important what we provide to you: 

  • In depth expertise in minor cannabinoids and their formulations. We can provide you with ample amounts of our high purity materials as well as give advice on how to better formulate them and use them in your products. 
  • High quality and purity compounds with each batch. We offer the highest EU quality cannabinoids with reports of full testing and third-party testing.  
  • Products that are ready and in stock. We constantly run manufacturing to keep products in stock and ready at the scale our B2B clients usually need. This guarantees availability on time. 
  • Innovative solutions and support in your endeavors. We have highly skilled R&D department always ready to tackle new projects, suggest improvements, formulations and ideas. This is a huge added benefit that comes along with our products. 
  • Reliable and fast delivery globally. We employ well-recognized shipping companies, which reliably deliver our shipments in up to 3 days in Europe and 7 days or less in the US and other countries. 
  • Customer support before and after purchase. We always seek to understand the needs of our clients to be able to offer the best solutions before purchasing our products and we also provide any additional help after you receive your product. A satisfied client is our priority. 


Sanobiotec is a family of intertwined companies, each of them being unique in purpose and approach. Nonetheless, collectively we are a Lithuania based startup that began back in 2018, when a group of specialists gathered for a purpose of helping our loved ones, friends and everyone within the reach. We know firsthand how detrimental cancer, insomnia, arthritis, epilepsy, obesity and other illnesses can be, what is more, increasingly more research globally shows the potential for tackling these issues with cannabinoids. That is why we began as a research facility, earned our trust from local institutions and began searching for cannabinoids and their derivatives for cancer treatment.  

Along the way we understood the potential and the need for minor cannabinoids as the market was being filled with poor quality and unsatisfying purity products. This brought us to a new chapter in our story – we began offering minor cannabinoids worldwide, built a factory and developed large scale production capabilities in a single year despite all global turbulences that have come in 2020. Our passionate, young, creative and unbreakable team has overcome each and every stone we have stumbled upon in our path. Our work and achievements truly define who we are  a diverse team of persistent thinkers and achievers. 

Meet Our Team


We are a global bulk ingredient manufacturerSanobiotec manufactures isolates as well as various oils and liquids. Our portfolio includes the sought-after minor cannabinoids: CBN, CBC, CBDV, CBGA and CBDA isolates, and the more mainstream natural CBD and CBG isolates. Decades of accumulated experience and knowledge allows us to provide you with copious amounts of both natural and (semi) synthetic compounds at the highest purityPurity, we believe, is the key factor in wellness, cosmetics and food related markets, where customer satisfaction reviews decide the fate of any brand.

Our R&D facility push boundaries in the field of cannabinoids through partnership with national and educational institutions. Our work with the National Cancer Institute of Lithuania includes extraction and synthesis of minor cannabinoids and derivatives in an attempt to tackle specific cancers. Another partnership connects us with Life Science Centre of Vilnius University – our colleagues in development of recombinant yeast strains to produce cannabinoids biosynthetically and to perform in vivo experiments.

Our R&D projects


One of the key aspects of our work is correct and ethical quality management. We strictly follow the best practices in manufacturing of biologically active compounds, our production processes are in line with requirements of European Pharmacopeia and ISO standards. What is more, we perform analytical monitoring throughout the whole manufacturing and post-manufacturing process. We are performing analysis after each step in order to be sure that processes are running as they should, this is done, because we thrive to repeatably produce highest purity minor cannabinoids. Thus, we do not limit ourselves with in-house testing, we also perform third party testing in accredited laboratories to verify that the final goods are as good as claimed. All these efforts translate into high levels of trust in our product quality among other players in the cannabinoid market.

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