Most people know about Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabidiol (CBD), and Cannabigerol (CBG) because they are the three major cannabinoids.

What about minor cannabinoids?

How many people know about the other minor cannabinoids though? We’re talking about minor cannabinoids CBN, CBC, and CBDV.
There are plenty of them, more than one hundred, and whilst they are only present in smaller quantities within the plant, the understanding of these lesser known phytocannabinoids is definitely growing.
At Sanobiotec, we like to think we’re a big part of that.
Although less is understood about them than the major cannabinoids, minor cannabinoids are very capable of being used for a wide variety of health and wellness applications.
Without adequate research and development though, due to their scarcity in the hemp biomass, difficult, and tedious extraction process, actually purifying the minor cannabinoids out and into products is much more challenging.
It can be a complex process which involves the isolation and pharmacological evaluation of minor cannabinoids from high potency cannabis sativa. This can all be very costly and time consuming.
Sanobiotec is trying to change this.

Improving all the time…

By improving the technical processes for production of these compounds, we aim to maximise their therapeutic benefits for pharmaceuticals, the wellness and cosmetic industries, and for the treatment of progressive illnesses, such as cancer.
We’re not alone though, and across the world it seems as though the benefits and applications of minor cannabinoids including CBC, CBN and CBDV are being explored.
Recently we heard how the federal government grants $1.5 million for research into ‘minor cannabinoids and terpenes’ and that the CBD insider government grant for research on minor cannabinoids has been made available to more companies, showing that a growing significance is being placed in minor cannabinoids in the United States.

Why is this though?
Well, we think it’s because of the constant discovery of new minor cannabinoids pharmacological effects and possible benefits.
Talking of minor cannabinoids effects recreational or otherwise, we know, through our research and development projects, that there is so much untapped potential with this group of minor cannabinoids.
With further research and development, Sanobiotec hopes to continue to shed new light on these minor cannabinoids and the potential benefits they can bring to people for a range of different applications.
If THC and CBD are well known for their applications and effects, Sanobiotec wants to give the same credibility and coverage to the minor cannabinoids CBN, CBC and CBDV.
It isn’t always in the most obvious places where we find the most beneficial things.

We have to look closer.
Good things do come in small packages after all.
We have to think more deeply.
Minor cannabinoids hold so many potential benefits for human beings to explore and reap the rewards from.
Sanobiotec holds the key to help us unlock this potential.

This a summary of research interests for each cannabinoid being discussed. These statements have not been evaluated by regulatory bodies such as Food and Drug Administration. This ingredient is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Sanobiotec has provided this summary solely to provide the reader with information on the types of studies being conducted on cannabinoids.