CBGA isolate

  • CBGA isolate


Cannabigerolic acid, or CBGA for short, is a powerful compound and a precursor to other popular cannabinoids like CBG and CBD. Because of its properties, CBGA is used together with other cannabinoids to enhance their properties or as an ingredient on its own.

At Sanobiotec, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality and >98% purity semi-synthetic CBGA isolate powder that our customers can use for various cannabinoid consumer products and reap the most CBGA benefits without the risk of contaminants. We ensure fast and reliable CBGA distribution around the world. Contact us or book a call to buy a CBGA bulk or get a sample.

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Buying CBGA in bulk

Sanobiotec offers CBGA isolate wholesale worldwide. On our website, you can buy a CBGA in bulk for your personal use, CBGA distribution, or to produce CBGA products. We offer exceptional quality CBGA powder with third-party certification to meet the highest standards.

Our warehouses are located in the USA, Japan, and at our headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania so that you can enjoy fast and reliable delivery of your favorite products no matter where you are.

Normally, CBGA isolate powder can last up to 12 months. To maintain the quality of the CBGA bulk, store it in a dark and cool place.

CBGA certificate for every batch

Our technology and manufacturing process allow us to achieve >98% purity and consistent potency for every CBGA bulk you order through us. Each CBGA batch comes with an individual CBGA certificate, ensuring that you’re buying a thoroughly tested and safe product.


Throughout the production process, we rigorously test every CBGA batch ourselves and through 3rd Party Testing Labs, which are certified in ISO 17025.

CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) benefits

Unlike many other cannabinoids, CBGA doesn’t produce psychotropic effects. It comes from the CBGA hemp family and is necessary to enable the production of other cannabinoids. CBGA isn’t commonly available naturally, and when it goes through the manufacturing process in the lab, a manufacturer can ensure it meets all the standards for quality and safety.

It works by binding with the CB1 receptors in the body when ingested. Although it affects the brain and central nervous system, CBGA isolate doesn’t produce psychoactive effects, making it a suitable and safe ingredient for edibles, oils, tinctures, and other consumer products.

CBGA has a mild effect on the body. CBGA’s benefits include anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Some CBGA research also shows that CBGA might be somewhat effective against colon cancer, metabolic disorders, and cardiovascular disease. After taking the recommended dose of the CBGA product of your choice, it might produce feelings of relaxation, and reduce stress and anxiety.

What is the difference between CBG and CBGA?

CBG (cannabigerol) and CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) are related but not the same compounds. CBGA is necessary to get CBG through cannabinoid synthesis as the hemp plant matures.

What kind of effect does CBGA have on the body?

After taking a CBGA product, you might feel relaxed, calmer, and more concentrated. In some cases, it might be effective in relieving nausea and pain.

Where can I buy CBGA near me?

You can buy CBGA online in Sanobiotec. We are a certified CBGA isolate wholesale seller, and we ensure fast delivery, competitive prices, and high-quality, tested, and certified products. We have multiple warehouses around the world, which allows us to optimize deliveries and ensure a long shelf life for our batches.

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