Sanobiotec Bio

Sanobiotec Bio focuses on the processes of biosynthetic pathways and product validation pathways.

We focus on molecular biology and metabolic engineering. Our scientific team develops compounds that have the most promising effects currently sought after by the pharmaceutical and wellness industries. A clear and comprehensive path to validation of target compounds also means we are able to overcome barriers to entry encountered by the new products.

Using metabolic engineering and recombinant gene cloning techniques we are developing yeast-based cellular biocatalytic systems optimised for production of cannabinoids. Enabled by our unique know-how, we are developing a platform that will allow the production of organic compounds with incredible precision and deliver superior yields.

Our upcoming research project is aimed at transforming yeast strains to produce active organic substances such as cannabinoids. The prototype processes for such type of production are unique on a global scale. Our partner Life Sciences Centre of Vilnius University will conduct in vivo experiments to test the physiological and pharmacological responses to these compounds.


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