Sanobiotec Novus

Sanobiotec Novus takes care of the manufacturing, sales and customer services.

Our technologists are dedicated to refining, adjusting and perfecting the manufacturing processes. Minor cannabinoids are manufactured using advanced synthesis methods. For us, ensuring in-depth analysis is unquestionable, and so is the attention to stability, purity and bioavailability.

Cutting-edge production facilities and analytics laboratories put us in a unique position to offer the most quality-centered and timely solutions. We anticipate the market trends and needs and maintain close relationships with our customers to understand their potential requirements and develop the most suitable products.

Cannabinoid research is an exceptionally exciting subject to explore and we are happy to share our knowledge. One of our goals is to create an educational platform for exchanging science-based information on novel compounds and cannabinoids developed by Sanobiotec companies.

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