About Sanobiotec

State-of-the-art biomolecule extraction and synthesis

In-depth proprietary knowledge of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids including their extraction, refinement, processing, synthesis, bioavailability and stability.

Extraction, refinement and isolation of compounds from any plant, with the focus on Cannabis sativa L. We offer a wide range of products, ranging from crude extracts to THC-free distillates and isolates of cannabinoids and terpenes. On the synthesis side, we can both modify an existing compound as well as create a new one.
The combination of these two areas of activity enables us to create custom formulations containing either natural or synthetic compounds or both.


Our facility is equipped with industry leading extraction, distillation, chromatography and synthesis equipment. We are able to separate, isolate and synthesise a wide range of compounds.
Analytical equipment enables us to identify and quantify intermediates, side products, impurities, and determine the structure of unknown compounds.