Sanobiotec R&D

Sanobiotec R&D develops new products, initiates and supports scientific research with innovative compounds, provides know-how and support to partners and scientific institutions.

We focus on minor cannabinoids with promising properties, especially those that are under-researched and unavailable in financially feasible quantities. Using state-of-the-art infrastructure, we develop proprietary technological solutions that can be specifically adapted for testing, manufacturing, and purification of natural and synthetic compounds.

A robust product development pipeline is one of our core assets, allowing us to develop new cannabinoids and finished products very rapidly, emphasizing quality, cost, scale, formulation, and speed of delivery.

Our people are scientists, researchers, and renowned experts in chemistry. The company is also licensed to conduct R&D activities with Schedule 1 substances and in cooperation with the National Cancer Institute of Lithuania, we are investigating the potential of cannabinoid-based medications used for the treatment of cancer.

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